Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lemon Ginger Fizzy Detox Drink

I LOVE fizzy fancy drinks. Personally kombucha is my favorite drink but it's very expensive. I also enjoy wine but alcohol can't be sipped throughout the day (well... it can but.....anyway) and then sodas are just way too unhealthy. So I've come up with a healthy AND cheap alternative! It's also a detox drink. Yay! :-)

- 1 tbsp honey
- 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar (acv)
- 1 tbsp ground ginger
- 1 tbsp lemon juice

- 12oz of sparkling water (club soda works too)

STEP 1 - Ginger and lemon
Grate the ginger and mix it with the lemon juice. Make sure the juices from the ginger are added also! Let this sit for a few minutes and then strain it.

STEP 2 - Honey and ACV
Mix the honey into the acv thoroughly and add to the ginger lemon mixture.

STEP 3 - Add it all together!
Pour the lemon, acv, honey, and ginger mix into a glass over some ice. Pour your sparkling water over the mix and stir lightly.

There you have it! If the drink it too sharp or sour then add more honey and less acv. If you want more bite then add more acv and less honey.

Enjoy! :-)

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