Monday, April 8, 2013

Coconut Oil Toothpaste Experiment

So I decided to try out making a toothpaste this past weekend. The results were interesting because I had no mint (or other yummy flavor) to help temper the taste of the mixture.

I tried mixing coconut oil and baking soda, which is a common toothpaste recipe, and it worked rather well, but the consistency freaked me out.

The oil was very slimy on my teeth and there was none of the usual toothpaste foam. The taste was very odd too. I love the smell of coconut oil, and when it's combined in baking and certain dishes the taste is great too.  But when mixed with baking soda, the taste was less than pleasant. Next time I'll try adding mint extract or something! :)

When I find a better recipe I'll share it!


  1. I use peppermint or cinnamon oil to make it taste a bit better (not wonderful, but it helps a lot). I've also read that you can use a packet of Stevia for a sweeter taste, but I've never tried it myself. Oh...and do a search on Oil's something I'm trying out currently.

    1. Yay my first comment!!!! :'D

      That's a really good idea! I had heard of peppermint oil but I never thought of stevia in there.

      I've heard of oil pulling but I've not personally tried it... how is it working for you? :)