Friday, April 12, 2013


So I've decided to try and start using homemade deodorants because I've heard of some of the awful things that are in the commercial ones. Why would I rub that all over my arm pits? Especially so close to the girls, so to speak. Don't want anything messing with my breast tissue.

I started off really easy. I know that coconut oil can be a natural deodorant but I didn't wanna just smear oil on my arm pits. So I added some things to make my own recipe!

Coconut oil
Scent (EO or fragrance oil)

STEP 1 - Melt your beeswax
I learned the hard way a while back that you do NOT need much beeswax to thicken a mixture. I used a very small slice off the brick I bought at the store. Beeswax is VERY cheap and since you need so little, it lasts you a while. Yay! Homemade AND cheap!


STEP 2 - Add the oils and scents
Melt the coconut oil and mix it well with the wax. Make sure you do not make the mixture too hot. Just warm or low heat will be fine. Also add your EOs/fragrances at this stage. I used rose EO and a blend of fragrance oils I got from the Ren. Faire a few years back.

STEP 3 - Place in the mold
I happened to have a glass dish laying around so I used it as my mold. I lined the edges with a tad bit of coconut oil so that the deodorant would pop from the mold with relative ease. I then put the hot wax in the mold and let it sit.

I let my mold chill for a time in the freezer and then popped it out of the mold with a knife. It worked rather well!

The final product went on very smoothly and so far it's worked very well for me! I will likely add more things to it in the future (like preservatives so I can make larger batches) but for now this works great!


Enjoy! :-)

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