Sunday, April 7, 2013

Brown Sugar, Coconut, and Vanilla Body Scrub

I've been posting a lot of recipes with coconut oil lately as I just bought myself a HUGE tub of it. So here is my latest recipe. I  LOVE it. I used it on my hands just a while ago and I can't stop smelling them. They smell like dessert!

This body scrub is great for using at the end of your shower routine, especially on your legs and arms after shaving. I also like to use it all over my booty cause, well, why not.

Here's my recipe!

- Brown sugar -- exfoliates dead skin, thus exposing your new, healthy skin to more oxygen!
- Coconut oil -- mosturizes and heals. Supposedly helps with cellulite and skin cell regeneration too. Nice!
- Vanilla extract -- just cause I like vanilla and it smells AMAZING in this mix.

Since you just mix this all up I feel like having a step by step explanation is unnecessary, so I'll just give you the picture play by play with some short comments.

In retrospect I feel like adding the coconut oil first may have let me blend the sugar in more easily but it doesn't really matter. It works fine either way!

At this stage you can mix it up and THEN add the vanilla, or you can just do like I did and add the vanilla before mixing. 

Now, there is no benefit at all to the vanilla apart from making it smell like heaven. I LOVE brown sugar and vanilla. Mix that with the wonderfully sweet and rich smell of coconut oil and you have the best smelling body scrub ever! I almost want to eat some! I mean, it's food grade coconut oil... I guess I could! :-P

Here's the result! Just rub it all over your skin and then rinse off the sugar. Your skin will have a sweet smell and a smooth, soft texture.

Enjoy!! :-)

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