Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Importance of Natural Beauty

When breaking into natural beauty you are often confronted with questions and statements of doubt. Some of these are from peers but a lot of them are also in your own head. Stuff like:

 "Why not save money and just buy the generic XYZ?"

 "Commercial products haven't really been shown to cause major issues, right? Why not be easier on yourself and use those?"

 "That takes so much time... why not just buy it?" 

"I just feel like the commercial stuff works better for me..."

 And so on and so forth.
Here are my answers to some of those.

 As for the money issue. Yes, in SOME cases it will be a higher initial investment that just buying the cheap shit at Wal-Mart. HOWEVER!!

- If you use extremely high-end salong quality products then going DIY will save you a ton of money. I calculated that making my own conditioner cost about 18 cents an ounce whereas salon quality conditioner could be as much as $2 an ounce. What the hell, right!?

- Sometimes DIY is actually cheaper even than the generic brands. Using the 97cent baby oil and baby shampoo travel bottles and using a little old conditioner to make a DIY shaving gel? You can get months of gel for just a $2!

- It's a lifelong investment. Yeah it may be a little more money now, but think of the money you'll save when you have kids or get older and have avoided all those expensive health issues that come from chemicals? 

That brings me to the next issue. Health. A lot of people try and say that commercial, chemical filled products are usually safe and don't cause issues. Here's the thing though. They don't cause any super OBVIOUS issues like rashes or hair falling out. But they have been linked to various health issues.

 Don't believe me? Here are just a few sources for proof. And I only use reliable sources, mind you. No opinion blogs or anything.

Hair dye could cause cancer.

More facts about things like hair straighteners and UV nail lights.

A list of toxic and harmful ingredients and why you should avoid them.

Things that may be in your shampoo that could mess you up bad.

These are only a few of the more definite things. Also, think about this: There is currently an allergy epidemic in the world. More and more people are getting allergies as well as chronic issues like asthma. Some doctors have attributed this to more exposure to chemicals both in the environment and in the products we use and consume. I myself have severe allergies as so my brothers and many of my friends. I would like to limit my own exposure to iffy chemicals so that I decrease the risk of my children having such issues. If you're expecting a baby in your future (EVEN IF YOU'RE THE DAD!) then remember that what you use on your skin matters! A lot of stuff is absorbed through your skin and as a result absorbed by your growing little one (or your sperm even.)

So we know why it's economically better and why it's crucial for your health. But what about time? DIY takes time right? This is the one question that shouldn't be too hard though. If you're like me then you love crafty things like this and it will become a fun hobby. If that's the case then who cares about the time!? :-)

If you enjoy it then it shouldn't be a huge concern. But if you AREN'T the DIY crafty person, or if you simply don't have the time to devote, then fear not! You don't have to do it all DIY in order for it to be natural. You can also buy organic and all natural products from your health food store or online. Just check the ingredients first!! Also, check places like Etsy for smaller companies that sell homemade products.

Last but not least -- the argument that "natural products just don't do it for me."
Okay so... I'm sorry but this is the lamest excuse I've ever heard. It makes me mad when people say this. Your hair and your body is natural. How can your hair or skin just magically NEED commercial products with chemicals? How did people ever manage without chemicals back before the 20th century? Huh?

The thing about most of the people who say this is that they have never even given natural alternatives a shot. They just assume that the chemical versions are better. Or, if they have tried natural alternatives then they likely didn't give it much of a shot. As my last all-text post stated -- you have to have patience in natural beauty. If your body is used to the commercial chemical products then it will likely take AT LEAST a week before your body can adjust and regulate. It's like when you've had a bunch of fatty, sugary foods and you get a breakout. Even if you start eating well again, the breakout will take a while to go away. You can't switch to natural products overnight.

Another thing to keep in mind -- just as with commercial products, you have to play around until you find what suits you. Say your friend LOVES using coconut oil facial scrubs but it just made your skin worse. That doesn't mean "natural products don't work for me." That means "coconut oil isn't good for my face." You just try something else. There IS something out that for everyone. Don't let one or two failed attempts make you write off everything natural. Keep trying!

Hopefully I've helped convinced you to try all natural alternatives. Or, if you're already an all-natural junkie then hopefully these facts and tid-bits have helped you think of responses to some of the questions your peers and family may ask you.

Thanks for reading! :-)

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