Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"DIY" Jewelry Cleaner

Okay so this isn't directly beauty related but it DOES deal with jewelry so I figured it'd be alright. I LOVE jewelry, especially silver. Silver, as well as other metals, tarnish rather fast. Now, if you're like me and you HATE those super smelly jewelry cleaner solutions (so many gross, harsh chemicals!!!) and you feel like the polishing clothes are tedious and don't get those little detailed nooks and crevices, then you'll love this trick!

It's surprisingly simple -- toothpaste!

That's right. Just put a tiny amount (pencil-eraser sized blob) of your toothpaste on your fingertips and rub it all over the jewelry. You only need to rub it in for about 20 seconds. You may also want to use a cotton pad or something if it's particularly tarnished. Then just rinse off and you'll see an insane difference!!

Before and after side-by-side shot of a pair of my earrings:

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