Friday, March 29, 2013

DIY Shaving Lather

So I found an interesting recipe for a DIY shaving gel/lather on Pinterest and I decided to give it a shot. I altered the recipe slightly for my own devices though so I'm putting it up on here.

Here's the recipe and the tools you'll need
- Small shampoo squirt bottle
- Baby oil
- Baby shampoo
- Conditioner (I used the old stuff I still had from when I switched from commercial to DIY and organic)
- Other shampoo if you'd like -- I used some of the old shampoo from when I made the transition to organic shampoo. I decided I should find SOME way to use it up.

Step 1 - Put your shampoos into the bottle FIRST. I filled the shampoo bottle up about half way with the shampoos.

Step 2 - Add your conditioner and then shake well. I did about two squirts of the conditioner but it was a thin mix so I may do three next time.

Step 3 - Add some oil. I only added a small amount of the oil. I estimate it was about a tablespoon's worth. You don't want to add TOO much oil because excessive oil on your skin will prevent the razor from getting the closest shave possible.

Step 4 - Shake very well and then test it on your skin to make sure it's a nice consistency. I like this recipe a lot because it's thin and light but still coats my legs well and leaves a delicate lather.

Enjoy! :-)

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