Friday, March 29, 2013

Coffee and Brown Sugar Pre-Shave scrub

Exfoliation before shaving is very crucial. When you clean an exfoliate your skin before shaving, you remove the dead skin cells and oils that are covering your hairs. This dead skin and oil keeps you from getting as close of a shave, which means more shaving per week.

That being said, here is my recipe for a pre-shave exfoliating scrub. It's specifically a pre-shave scrub because there are NO oils and there is a small amount of soap to help with stripping the oils from your skin.

What you need:
- Instant coffee crystals (you can also use coffee grounds for a rougher exfoliation but they are messier in the shower so I just use the instant coffee.)*
- Baby shampoo (or another shampoo if you'd like)
- Brown sugar
- Honey (honey helps mosturize, heal scars, and it's naturally lightly antibacterial)
- A small amount of water

* So why have coffee at all if I'm not using one that exfoliates? -- The caffeine in coffee can help your skin cells dramatically! It has been shown to help prevent skin cancer, remove cellulite, and make skin firmer and healthier looking.

Step 1 - Add your honey to the coffee. Mix it well.

Step 2 - Dissolve your coffee crystals and honey in some water. If you are using fresh ground coffee then heat this water so that it can help the caffeine release more effectively.

Step 3 - Add the baby shampoo and stir. Be sure to stir gently so you don't cause foam.

Step 4 - Lastly add your brown sugar RIGHT before you use it. If you want a good exfoliation then add it as late as possible so that it doesn't start to break down in the coffee-water. Mine was a little juicy but you can add as much sugar as you want. Mine works fine but if you want extra exfoliation then add more sugar.

Step 5 - Apply and then rinse or wash off. I always use this in conjunction with my DIY shaving lather!

Enjoy! :-)

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